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So you’ve heard about Christian Church of Litchfield and are a little curious. Going to a new place can be intimidating and scary. How will I know where to park? What if my kid has to go to the bathroom? What do I wear? We’ve asked those questions too. Please know we will make every effort to make sure your first experience is worry free. We look forward to hanging out with you and becoming friends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get there?
Where do I park?
What do I wear?
What do I do with my kids?
What time should I get there?
Do I have to give?

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Join us this Sunday for Worship

at 10 am 


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Ask a friend to join you this Sunday. Everything is better when we're together.


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Wear whatever makes you feel most comfertable and arrive a few minutes early to enjoy some coffee and find a seat.