All healthy things grow. It is our prayer that you would not just come and connect with us, but that you would grow with us. This page is dedicated to providing some resources to help you grow spiritually. 

Bible Reading Plans

If you have ever thought about reading your Bible, you’ve probably discovered the YouVersion Bible App for your phone. If you haven't yet, you should go ahead and downloard it. It’s a fantastic resource with countless Bible translations and Bible reading plans.


When people start reading the Bible two of the most common questions people ask are: 


1. I want to read the Bible, but where do I start?


2. I found the reading plans on YouVersion, but how do I know which ones are good?


So I thought I would put something together to help. 


First of all, there are really four types of YouVersion Reading Plans:


Bible Book Plans  – This allows you to read through the scripture, book by book, or all the way through in a set period of time.


Book Based Plans – These are plans that are written around a particular book and are written by the author of the book. They also include scripture.


Topical Plans – These allow you to read scripture on a particular topic and then read a devotional commentary written about the scripture.


Seasonal Plans – These are plans created around particular seasons in the calendar like Easter or Christmas.


How do you know which plans are good to start with? That’s a great question. Here are a few that might interest you. 

Spiritual Practices

If you have ever thought "what can I do practically to grow spiritually?" you are in good company here, because Christians throughout time have asked the very same question. Thankfully, we have a few pointers from Christians about how we can adopt some spiritual practices in our life to grow Spiritually.


Here are a few that might be helpful to you.


Silence & Solitude
Bible Reading

Recomended Reading

I am Thinking about Membership.

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