First Impression


This person helps welcome individuals into our church building by opening the door, assisting with special needs (such as those with handicaps or disabilities), providing direction to those who need it, and making everyone feel welcome. 

Welcome Center

This person mans the Welcome Center, answering any questions that people may have. They prepare coffee and prepackaged pastries for fellowship before worship begins.


Doorstep Ministry

This outreach connects with first time visitors and has two crews of volunteers. 

  • Baker - This individual bakes cookies on Monday after calling the church for information on how many bags need delivered.  Bake one dozen cookies per plate.  If you aren’t available for Monday, you may bake 4 dozen cookies and bring them to church with you on Sunday.
  • Caller - Caller checks with the church office on Monday to see if there are bags to be delivered and then delivers to any first time visitors.


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